What We Do

servingmealsServing Meals

Gateway to Hope strives to ensure no one in Central Florida goes hungry. We offer a choice hot meal program 4 days a week. You can come for meals on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11-2. There is a sandwich bar, salad bar, hot meal bar, and dessert bar. You may also take home food with you. Everyone is welcome. We do not discriminate.


Gateway to Hope offers a choice food pantry four days a week. Anyone can come fill up their pantry by taking food items of their choice. We offer canned goods, frozen meats, vegetables, and many other options. Everyone is welcome. We do not discriminate.


Gateway to Hope steps in to find homeless and people in need permanent housing. We want to ensure no one is living on the streets. We like to help others find permanent homes and assist with temporary housing during that time.


Gateway to Hope wants to help people find jobs and receive the training they need to better their lives. We offer job training services and on the job trainings. We have put many people through different training programs to prepare them for jobs. Find any of our volunteers during our office hours and they can assist you in finding the correct people to help.